Rustic Barn Doors

There are many ways to achieve that reclaimed barn wood look. If you are a home remodeler or an interior designer it's no surprise that many people are wanting this look and feel in their homes. Barn wood can bring warmth and a sense of comfort into any living space. 

I have been experimenting with finding a wood stain that I could use for our barn doors and laundry room shelving. I wanted something that was low cost, durable and for the most part a lot less toxic than other store-bought stains. The other trick was trying to transform that stain into various looks like barn wood. 

So this is what worked for me. I liked the 3 step process. It was easy and did not require several different types of stains and finishes. 

- Distressed Wood
- DIY Wood Stain
- Nitrile disposable gloves 
- Briwax Liming Paste
- Application Towels
- Buffing Towel 
- Dry time

It's that simple!

-daddy dabbles 

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