spring is all around

Though we may be sheltered in place at the moment, spring has certainly made its presence. Beautiful lavender wisteria dangling from the branches overwhelmed by honey bees dancing from bud to bud, pollinating with grace and excitement. Dandelions roaring from the ground showing their bright yellow mane that would one day be transformed into tiny magical wishes. As a child, there was a saying that if you were to put a dandelion under your chin and the yellow would reflect its color, "You loved to eat butterscotch!" How fascinating the things you remember as a child. 

Spring has a wonderful, airy energy of new beginnings for me. There is so much life happening around us. It truly is a wonder how nature constructs a magical symphony of creativity with every changing season.

Being sheltered in place has allowed me to become a little more aware of what's happening around my natural environment, instead of what's always blubbering in my head. Since most of us have turned down the dial in our normal daily routine, this may be a good time to smell the flowers.

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